Unique Selling Points

Ease of Use

DEMOS streamlines the user experience with an exceptionally quick and straightforward signup process. In just about 30 seconds, users can register using their existing devices. This contrasts sharply with competitors:

  • Worldcoin requires users to schedule a physical appointment, complicating the signup process.

  • Idena demands users undergo routine, cumbersome verification processes to maintain their validation status.

  • ..

DEMOS eliminates these barriers, offering an accessible and user-friendly entry point into secure digital identity verification.

Simple, Permissionless Integration

DEMOS simplifies the integration process for developers and projects within the Web3 ecosystem. It provides public, universal, on-chain "Human Verified" attestations, allowing any project to enhance their smart contracts with robust security features by adding just one line of code. This ease of integration is supported by straightforward developer documentation, enabling seamless project integration and community onboarding without the need for complex negotiations.

Token Alignment

The $DEM token employs a lockup membership model, which aligns token incentives with community engagement and project success. This approach not only activates the community but also supports sustainable tokenomics, ensuring that $DEM incentives are directly connected to the long-term success and stability of the project.

Crypto-native Implementation

Tailored specifically for the Web3 and blockchain industries, DEMOS offers a crypto-native solution that seamlessly integrates with existing blockchain operations. Users can enroll using the wallet addresses they already use for other interactions, eliminating the need for projects to invest in additional engineering resources such as SDKs, APIs, or adapters. The entire process is maintained on-chain, reflecting a deep understanding of and commitment to the blockchain ecosystem.

On-Chain Business Model

Unlike many competitors who may not have a sustainable business model for public services, DEMOS incorporates a robust on-chain business model from the start. By embedding costs and revenue directly into on-chain interactions, DEMOS ensures that revenue generation is aligned with actual usage. This model also allows for transparent governance and management through token mechanics, fostering a financially viable and self-sustaining ecosystem.

Privacy and Security

DEMOS prioritizes user privacy and security by keeping all biometric data completely off-chain. Unlike some systems that rely on opaque algorithms and store raw data that could potentially be repurposed, DEMOS ensures that biometric verification remains private and secure. Additionally, users have the option to permissionlessly purge their enrollment data, offering an unprecedented level of control and security.

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