Multi-Provider Landscape

Originally, OnlyMeID authentication is supported through the biometrics provider Persona. As Demos matures, the platform is designed in a way that can support additional biometrics providers. This will better decentralized and secure the offerings, as users and projects alike can choose across various providers and assess privacy, security, and compliance practices themselves.

Attestation Extensions

OnlyMeID reflects a lightweight implementation of Biometrics Proof of Personhood. As the Social Identity layer matures over time, the OnlyMeID enrollment could encompass other pieces of on-chain activity to establish a mure comprehensive user profile. This could refer to a process like interfacing with on-chain reputation systems or otherwise further integrate OnlyMeID into a user's "Social Graph".

Demos App Layer

Demos may explore first-party applications that are built on top of and enablyed enabled by OnlyMeID itself. This will give users more intrinsic value when they enroll in OnlyMeID and take advantage of our miscellaneous offerings.

First-Party AI

Ultimately, Demos intends to develop its first-party biomtric AI alongside the third-party providers. The benefit of a first-party AI is the ability to design it specifically around Sybil Resistance, and adhering to policies surrounding local attestation and open-source code that could qualify Demos as the first truly Zero Knowledge Biometric Proof of Personhood Protocol.

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