Demos Leaderboard

DEMOS introduces an innovative community engagement program through its dynamic leaderboard system. This mechanism gamifies engagement by rewarding users for various activities that enhance their involvement and loyalty to the DEMOS ecosystem.

Activities eligible for points include:

  • Promoting DEMOS by referring new user sign-ups and project integrations.

  • Voting in DAO governance.

  • Contributing micro-work for the DAO.

  • Participating in partner events and promotions.

  • Engaging in special DEMOS activities and offerings.

  • Holding veDEM membership NFTs, which further gamify engagement, allowing members to focus on token holdings or active project involvement.

Leaderboard Mechanics

User activities are meticulously tracked via the DEMOS leaderboard, serving as a meta-aggregator for both internal and external campaigns within the DEMOS ecosystem:

  • Internal Campaigns: These include DAO activities like app testing, community participation, and governance, created and managed by DEMOS itself.

  • External Campaigns: DEMOS partners with leading questing providers and engagement platforms such as Postmint, GalXE, and Polygon. These external campaigns operate over defined "Sprints," including activities like affiliate/referral programs and social media engagements, broadening the scope and impact of user participation

Reward Structures and Criteria

Engaged User Contributions

  • User contributions are scored based on timing, volume, and quality. For instance, points can be earned for being the first to test a Demos app, generating the most OnlyMeID referrals, or creating high-quality social media posts. Successful participants earn badges after campaign conclusions, translating into points and future leaderboard benefits.

Seasonal Competitions and Incentives

Campaigns are grouped into Seasons, with points accrued translating into unique rewards and DEMOS Leaderboard points at each season's end. As users climb the leaderboard, they unlock increasing incentives, including:

  • First-party and partner perks like whitelist spots.

  • Physical rewards such as conference tickets and DEMOS merchandise.

  • Monetary rewards including $DEM payouts and airdrops.

  • Exclusive DAO “Executive” Status.

  • Revenue sharing opportunities are reserved for the top-tier participants as the most significant reward.

By integrating these mechanics, Demos not only fortifies its ecosystem against Sybil attacks but also fosters a robust, engaged community that contributes to the project's success and resilience.

Leaderboard Incentives

Progressive Rewards System

As members of the DEMOS community accumulate points on the leaderboard, they unlock access to increasingly exclusive incentives, structured as follows:

  • First-Party and Partner Perks: Early access to new features and exclusive whitelist opportunities.

  • Physical Rewards: Tickets to conferences, meetups, and branded Demos merchandise.

  • $DEM Payouts and Airdrops: Direct monetary rewards distributed as $DEM tokens.

  • DAO “Executive” Status: Special status that offers additional governance powers and exclusive insights into project developments.

  • Revenue Sharing: The most prestigious reward, reserved for top-tier community members, includes a share of project revenues, emphasizing the value placed on significant contributors.

Top-Heavy Reward Distribution

The revenue share, designed as the ultimate incentive, is exclusively available to the highest achievers on the leaderboard. This selective distribution ensures that those who contribute most substantially—via large token holdings or influential affiliate actions—receive the greatest rewards.

By structuring incentives this way, DEMOS maximizes the return for community members who deliver the most value, thereby fostering a highly motivated and productive community.

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