$DEM Overview

Comprehensive Token Utility

The $DEM token represents a cornerstone of the DEMOS product ecosystem, beginning with OnlyMeID, which provides a universal solution for Web3 projects to secure their operations against Sybil attacks.

The design principles behind $DEM are aimed at achieving the following goals simultaneously:

  • Broad Incentivization: Encouraging community members, irrespective of their investment capacity, to undertake valuable, clearly defined tasks that benefit both the individual and the protocol.

  • Scalable Revenue Model: Supporting a robust and adaptable economic framework that aligns with the project's long-term vision.

  • Protection for Passive Holders: Safeguarding the interests of supporters who are less actively involved but sustain the project with their capital and trust.

  • Governance and Administration: Establishing clear roles and responsibilities for token holders from the outset, ensuring effective oversight and decision-making.

As a result, the $DEM token system is designed to thrive on community confidence and advocacy, essential for DEMOS's ongoing success and scalability.

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