veDEM Membership System

Tokenized Commitment and Rewards

Members of the Demos community can opt to lock $DEM tokens to activate a membership within the ecosystem. This membership, symbolized as veDEM, affords various privileges:

  • Economic Incentives: Rewards for completing designated tasks within the ecosystem.

  • Expanded Opportunities: Access to exclusive first-party and partner rewards and privileges.

  • Enhanced Governance Participation: A stronger voice in the DAO's decision-making processes.

  • Additional $DEM Rewards: Opportunities for further token earnings through active participation.

Active Community Engagement

Members are expected to contribute actively by referring new users to OnlyMeID, integrating projects with OnlyMeID, and participating in meaningful DAO operations. This engagement is crucial as it directly feeds into the leaderboard system, where active members compete and collaborate to promote and expand the Demos ecosystem.

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