Quadratic Consensus Model

DEMOS utilizes a governance system powered by an OnlyMeID-gated Quadratic consensus model, intricately linked with the Membership framework. This model ensures that every member's influence in governance decisions is proportional to their commitment to the ecosystem, as represented by the size of their token lockup.

Key Features of the Governance Model:

  • Participation Eligibility: Only members who hold OnlyMeID can participate in governance activities, ensuring that those involved are invested and active within the community.

  • Weighted Voting: Voting power is determined by the lockup size, allowing a fair and proportionate influence over decision-making processes.

  • Quadratic Voting Mechanism: This method calculates the consensus by considering both the depth (the amount locked up) and the breadth (the number of votes) of voting, fostering a more democratic and equitable governance environment.

Enhanced Roles for Top Performers

In addition to the standard governance mechanisms, Demos recognizes and empowers its most active and high-performing members through elevated governance roles. Members who excel on the Leaderboard can achieve "DAO Executive" status, granting them additional privileges:

  • Close Collaboration with the Core Team: DAO Executives engage directly with the core team, facilitating more efficient decision-making and strategy development.

  • Advanced Governance Privileges: Executives enjoy enhanced influence in governance, allowing them to steer the community towards shared goals and greater collective benefit.

Through this governance model, DEMOS ensures that leadership and decision-making are deeply integrated with community engagement and investment. This system not only aligns with democratic principles but also empowers members to actively shape the future of the ecosystem.

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