⚙️Applications/Frontend/Software (non-solidity)

Role for Front End Developers


  1. architecture/strategies

  2. Web development

  3. Architect expertise

  4. Continuous integration/deployment

  5. Github / Actions / build / Deploy / CI

  6. Cloudflare

  7. AWS / EC2 / Load balancers /

  8. Experience with smart contracts & solidity would be a welcome addition.

Specific Skills:

a) overlapping:

• javascript

• https calls (restful apis etc…)

• testing + environments [web3]

b) frontend:

• html (bones)

• css/scss/sass (design)

• react.js

• web3.js

• typescript

c) backend optional , nice to have:

  • node.js (optional)

  • webhooks + apis

  • virtual machines + server + nginx

  • linux commands/jobs

  • AWS Lambda

  • AWS API Gateway

  • AWS S3

  • AWS EC2

  • MySQL

  • API/Rest

  • Infura

General Requirements:

a) Cosmetic React updates: Change a text or some logic; no major changes. Simple React: mostly HTML/CSS, some testing, and Web3…

b) Continuously updating GitHub repo with standard files/components. Advanced react, understanding components, lifecycles, github, webhooks, web3

d) Track all work in Clickup to align with a scrum methodology.

e) Coordinating with teams across time zones with an understanding of deliverables and expectations.

2) project based:

  1. Understanding the requirements of the project. Planning and working to a schedule and critical path.

  2. Creating, maintaining & deploying a react app

  3. Fetching/handling data from various sources/requests (versatility required)

  4. Being comfortable with web3 calls and how “it” works

  5. Realising the importance of test envs and creating the environments accordingly

  6. Insight in the deployment process. Understanding how the scripts are executed and why they are executed in this way…

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