📡Business Development Associate

Role: Business Development Associate

Engagement & Relationship Management of Partner Integrations

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Scout and Initiate Conversations with relevant Projects to integrate OnlyMeID

  2. Manage Conversations towards integration

  3. Coordinate with DEMOS team on integration go live efforts (GTM marketing, DevRel, etc.)

  4. Support creation and iteration of auxiliary BizDev materials (one pagers, dev docs, etc.)

  5. Engage with relevant communities generally to drive Demos & OnlyMeID reach


  1. Strong Crypto Background/Understanding

  2. Social/Messaging platforms - Twitter, Telegram, Discord

  3. Business Development, Relationship Management, or Sales Background

  4. Written and Verbal Business Communications

Nice to have

  • Using Slack Application

  • Using Clickup Application

  • Familiarity with Warpcast/Farcaster

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