📝Social Liaison Content Manager

Role: Social Liaison Content Manager

Management of Social Content Calendar

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Coordinate approvals & Reviews of content.

  • Schedule and confirm dates.

  • Prestage content in Demos Content Calendar for review

  1. Schedule Tweets and Blog posts from the content calendar

  2. Request creation of graphics/media requests through ClickUp

  3. Post Tweet links to internal social media channels internally after posting

  4. Assemble/create short-form content ideas for blogs and posts


  1. Good Communication and coordination skills.

  2. Basic documentation creation.

  3. Grammarly Application.

  4. Using and posting to social channels, Twitter, Discord & Telegram.

  5. Utilizing Google Docs / Sheets.

Nice to have

  • Using Slack Application

  • Using Clickup Application

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